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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Crunchy Celery

Celery - crunchy and perfect for filling with dip, cheese or peanut butter right? Don't sell this crisp vegetable short, there's a lot more you can do with it.

Head of Celery

Mostly used for its stalks, celery is also grown for its seeds, which you will find in stores and ground up as part of celery salt. Celery stalks can be eaten raw or cooked and are a staple in soups, especially in French cuisine. It's generally available year round. Celery is also very low on the glycemic index and contains dietary fibre.

celery stalks and slices

What to do with Celery?

Raw, the crunchiness of celery makes it a great addition to salads, either green salads or as part of tune or chicken salad mixes. It can also be combined with other diced vegetables for an alternative salad like our Celery Cucumber Salad or our LillyPad Tabbouleh.

Cooked, celery is excellent for use in soups or making stock, stir fries, casseroles and more. It's usually best to slice or dice celery to reduce cooking time, and some recipes will ask you to peel some of the fibrous strings off.

Look for our recipes this month for new ways to prepare and enjoy celery!

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