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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Head to Toe Links

Here are a series of links relating to the information Karen discussed at our Head to Toe talk with the 22 King St Group on Sat, April 29th.


Everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong. FED UP is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see. From Katie Couric, Laurie David (Oscar winning producer of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH) and director Stephanie Soechtig, FED UP will change the way you eat forever.

Addicted to Pleasure: Sugar (Netflix)

Revealing the rich and controversial past of sugar, alcohol, tobacco and opium, Hollywood actor Brian Cox embarks on a thought-provoking journey to uncover how the commercial exploitation of these products hooked the rest of the world on an appetite for a good time.

In this first episode, Brian wants to find out why (like millions of other Brits), he is a diabetic. Starting in Barbados, from which sugar cane fuelled a consumer revolution, Brian discovers how the British acquired a 'sweet tooth' and why today, this has led to epidemic levels of diabetes, obesity and even addiction to sugar.


A Psychology Today article about the link between Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer's Disease.

An excellent blog with a particularly good articles on sugar politics.

In 1972, a British scientist sounded the alarm that sugar – and not fat – was the greatest danger to our health. But his findings were ridiculed and his reputation ruined. How did the world’s top nutrition scientists get it so wrong for so long?

This is a great post by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases explaining what these terms mean and how to know whether they may apply to you. 


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