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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Wild or cultivated, there are many varieties of edible mushrooms available in our area. All need to be stored in paper bags, not plastic, and pair deliciously with almost anything.

Oyster, white, brown cremini, enoki (the thin white ones) and shiitake mushrooms, with portabella in the back

The most popular cultivated mushrooms are:

  • white
  • button
  • cremini or brown
  • shiitake
  • portabella
  • oyster
  • enoki
  • king oyster


You can find edible wild varieties in local farmers markets (make sure the mushrooms have been properly identified) or dried in stores. These may include:

  • chanterelles 
  • morels 
  • puffball
  • porcini
  • lobster

Mushrooms Canada has some great information on varieties and more.

How to Prepare Mushrooms

For the most commonly used mushrooms, like white and brown, sautéing in oil or butter and salt is a simple and delicious method. Make sure they aren't too crowded in pan though, or they will steam instead of brown.

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