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Friday, 9 January 2015

Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles are actually small pickled cucumbers and have been prepared for hundreds of years. Sometimes also called gherkins, these small vegetables pack a lot of flavour.

Dill Pickles

There are many types of prepared pickles in grocery stores. Look for Dill Pickles in refrigerated deli sections or on shelves, often near vinegars, oils or other condiments. Check the labels to ensure that there are no carbs or sugars added. Bread and Butter versions of these pickles can be high in sugar.

How to enjoy your pickles

Pickles can be readily enjoyed as they are, served straight from the jar. However, there are other options.

  • Use them to garnish a salad.
  • Add them chopped to flake tuna or chicken, along with lemon, a little oil, and raw onions to make a low carb protein mix. Eat as is or wrap in a lettuce leaf.
  • Make one of our fantastic dill pickle recipes this month!

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