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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Luscious Treats for Valentine's Day

It can be a challenge in February as Valentine's Day approaches. Chocolate is everywhere. Thankfully, Ideal Protein and LillyPad have some sinfully delicious options to get you through!

Raspberry Chocolaty Bar

Valentine's Dinner Ideas

It's best to avoid snacking before the main meal, but if you need a little something to get you through, try raw vegetables like cucumber slices or broccoli florets with a little Walden Farms* dressing. A cup of warm broth, seasoned with herbs, soy sauce or other allowed seasonings, can also be a nice start to the meal.

"Pasta": Eggplant Lasagna and Mock Alfredo are options, or use Ideal Protein Plain Rotini or Tomato Basil Rotini tossed with oil and spices
Steak: Grill up your preferred cut or try Steak with Chimichurri sauce
Chicken: This Garlic Roast Chicken recipe is a great way to serve up chicken breast
Pork: Pan Seared Pork Chops or try this month's Cinnamon Pork slow cooker recipe
Fish: Use your favourite sugar-free spices or try some tasty Crab Cakes

Cauliflower Rice
Tangy Turnips
Mock Mashed Potatoes
Roast Zucchini Rosettes
Steamed Vegetables with oil and one of the Fire In The Kitchen* spices
Raw salad with spinach and mushroom, using oil and apple cider vinegar or a Walden Farms* dressing

Liven up your water or club soda with Mio or the use one of the all natural sugar free TRUE Lemon, TRUE Lime or TRUE Orange packets that are now in stock at LillyPad. The Ideal Protein Blueberry & Cran-Granata Drink is also a good option.

Have or share one of the chocolatey Ideal Protein Products or Ideal Protein LillyPad recipes listed below. Have your after dinner coffee or tea black, using sweetener if need be. Do you prefer Hot Chocolate in the cold weather? You can warm up an Ideal Protein Chocolate Drink. Great additions to any warm drink are cinnamon, peppermint extract or almond extract.

Chocolately Ideal Protein Products:
Raspberry Chocolaty Bar
Double Chocolate Brownie
Milk Chocolate Pudding mix
Ready-to-Serve Dark Chocolate Pudding
Choco-Peanut Butter Bar
Caramel Nut Bar
Cookies and Cream Bar
Chocolate Drink

LillyPad Recipes:
Ideal Protein Chocolate Pudding Puffs
Ideal Protein Raspberry Jelly with Ideal Protein Vanilla Pudding topping

* Fire in the Kitchen spice blends are available at LillyPad. We carry a small selection of Walden Farms dressings, also available at Sobeys.

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