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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Deviled Ham

Another great suggestion from Ideal Protein Lohja, Finland.

Super easy and diverse. Eat this on cucumber slices, with a salad, wrapped in lettuce leaves, on a tomato or as it is. There is no recipe, per se. Just grate some ham and add what you want to it.

Good options include:
  • ham and mustard with generous mixed pepper (white, black, pink, green, chili) and herbal salt
  • adding Walden Farms mayo and a tiny bit of tomato paste
  • adding Walden Farms mayo, a bit of jalapeno juice and horseradish paste 
  • grain or dijon mustard and Walden Farms Mayo is also an elegant change of pace
  • try other sugar-free/carb-free dressings

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